ChineseSkill - Learn Chinese/Mandarin Language for free
  • a game-based and structured curriculum optimized for English-speaking beginners;
  • compartmentalized contents designed for studying in fragmented times;
  • an innovative way of breaking Chinese characters down for new learners;
  • multiple test modes that strengthen memorization and personalize learning;
  • a gentle voice with native pronunciation at two speeds covering all contents;
  • the option to learn simplified, traditional characters or both on demand;
  • synchronization of learning progress across devices.
Why is Chinese language so difficult?
Numerous Chinese characters, tones, measure words, elaborate writing system, function words, syntax and grammar…
Yes, Chinese does deserve its reputation for heartbreaking difficulty.
But, not anymore with ChineseSkill. It is changing the way people learn Mandarin and making Mandarin easy for children and adults. It will help you master Mandarin to a useful level even if you begin with no Mandarin basics.
How does ChineseSkill make Chinese learning so easy?
  • It’s game-based: ChineseSkill uses mini-games that test your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills through the entire process.
  • It’s task-driven: Materials are divided up based on various skill points, linking the motivation to learn with the desire to win.
  • It’s effective: Every item can be learned and reviewed in a short time, making learning a great investment of fragmented time.
  • It’s comprehensive: Both Traditional and Simplified Chinese are supported, giving users the total control on which system of characters to learn.
  • It simplifies things: Chinese handwriting, characters and pronunciation are simplified to ease your way into this language.
What are you going to learn?
  • 50+ Chinese skills
  • 150+ Chinese grammar points
  • 200+ sentence patterns
  • 1000+ key words and phrases
  • 2000+ essential Chinese characters
You will have lessons that cover:
  • Chinese Basics
  • Greeting and Introductions;
  • Shopping
  • Travel
  • Chinese food
  • Chinese games
  • Past and Future
  • Friends and Social Life
  • Dinning and Vacation
  • Dating and flirting
  • …and more!
ChineseSkill method works! But don’t take our word for it, here are some of our reviews:
  • “I really enjoy this app! I pay a lot for a Mandarin's beginners class and in three days with this app I learned more. ”
  • “A great resource for students to practice their reading, writing and listening. I am a Mandarin Chinese teacher teaching beginning level of grade 4,5 and 6 in Connecticut, USA. This app has great potential as teaching/reviewing tool for Chinese language learners.”
  • “I use a suite of tools: Nulinuli, Mindsnacks, Brainscape, Pleco, Rosetta Stone. I was very excited to find ChineseSkills. It's definitely become my favorite. It makes a big effort to teach a range of elements. Characters, tones, syntax, grammar. And most importantly it has a review feature which is crucial and often missing in language learning. Definitely give ChineseSkills a go.”
  • “I am an avid user of Duolingo. I felt both intrigued and bad for trying Chinese Skills because I thought I was supporting an imitation. Feelings now is that this app definitely imitates duolingo's app but in return offers us a Duolingo like progression of vocabulary and grammar for Mandrin. There will be plenty of demand for such a course and at least such a resource now exists. Thank you.”
  • “This is one of the best Chinese learning apps out there!It teaches you both important vocabulary and grammar. It is a must have! Plus, other apps are expensive and still cannot compare to the quality of this app.”
  • Believe it or not, download and start an easy journey to fluency in Chinese now!